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"stunningly rendered by Alison Sampson, whose art bears favorable comparison with such European masters of the comics form as Alberto Breccia, Alex Nino and Sergio Toppi."

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5 months ago
On 23 Feb '14

Someone asked me what a comic I’d write would be like. This is my first comic, published towards the end of 2011 in Solipsistic Pop 4, a 4-pager entitled Small World. i don’t know if I’d write one like this now- this was very much shaped by events then- but i hope i’d be able to be as creative with how the story is told. The theme of that anthology volume was maps, and I drew a treasure map of my world at that time and then made a key as to where to find what i was looking for. Or something. Read this how you like.

That middle double page spread is the map: click to enlarge.

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    As a kid, I always enjoyed (labelled) maps for stories. I probably spent more time looking at LOTR and Redwall maps than...
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